November 07, 2009

Javascript String truncate function

Javascript String truncate function, This function helps us to truncate the given string to the particular given character length.

function truncate(text, length, ellipsis) {

// Set length and ellipsis to defaults if not defined
if (typeof length == 'undefined') var length = 100;
if (typeof ellipsis == 'undefined') var ellipsis = '...';

// Return if the text is already lower than the cutoff
if (text.length < length) return text;

// Otherwise, check if the last character is a space.
// If not, keep counting down from the last character
// until we find a character that is a space
for (var i = length-1; text.charAt(i) != ' '; i--) {

// The for() loop ends when it finds a space, and the length var
// has been updated so it doesn't cut in the middle of a word.
return text.substr(0, length) + ellipsis;

var some_text = 'This is example text This is example text This is example text This is example text This is example text ';

Call to the above function is,
truncate(some_text, 10);


This is ex...


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